September 2022 Product Review Update

On Sep 20 2022 Google released the September 2022 product review update.

To help you see the best result on the web for any search for the product.

Last year Google start product review updates to show people the most useful information on product searches.

According to many SEO experts, this product review update will work with the September core update.

Google Search Centra on Twitter confirm September 2022 core update is still not fully completed and advised on update impact.

This is another update after the Google Shopping Update.

According to Google Search Centra on Twitter

Google Search Centra on Twitter

If you produce product reviews and see some changes then it's probably related to that. 

If not, then it might be related to the core update.

Why is Google Released Product Reviews Update Important?

The product reviews updates are a way to improve google ranking systems and focus on providing you with the best product result in search.

The updates make sure you create quality content for people and when someone searches, it helps them.

The updates also help original research done by experts or enthusiasts who know the topic well.

Source - Twitter