September 2022 core update

September 2022 Google Core Update is Released, conform by Google on Twitter.

According to Google Docs, The rollout could take 2 weeks to complete as usual.

IMO - This update will work with the last Google's helpful content update.

But many people do not look so happy with this update after the last one and many think this is  
going to help filter the spam that shows up in searches after the last Google update.

What to do if I am hit by Google Update? 

If you thinking about what to do if I got hit by Google Update, I recommend reading Google webmaster guidelines to make your content better. 

If you think your website is hit by Google Helpful Content Update you have to check the content of your website to make sure it helps your users and the content helps people as much as you can. 

If you provide product reviews you can check for Product Review Update.

Google also publish the article and make sure about a few things.

  • Focus On People-first Content
  • Avoid Creating Content for Search Engines
Make sure you create great quality content and your website follows Google Guidelines. 

Also make sure you avoid spam on web because Google spam update can hit your website.

Google is making sure web is safe and spam free with the updateds in algorithms.