Google Released October 2022 Spam Update

It's October 2022 and Google has come up with a new Spam Update, IMO it will be called Google October Spam Update. The spam update is the 2nd update after September 2022 Product Review Update

This Update will be part of Google's automated systems that detect search spam, Learn how Google Detect Search Spam.

According to Google Documents - They improve the spam fighting system called SpamBrain* to make it better at finding spam and help ensure it detects new types of spam.

*SpamBrain is an AI-based spam-prevention system by Google.

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What To Expect From October 2022 Spam Update

If you think your website is hit by the Google spam update, the Google team recommend you should review spam policies to ensure they are complying with your website.
You can update your website content according to policies of Google, and update it before the spam update rollout.