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The Seo Today Dehradun

The Seo Today is a non-profit consultant startup, helping small businesses and other non-profit organizations for free.

Founded in 2019 by Krishna Murari as a non-profit public help company.

Currently, we are only helping small local businesses in Dehradun only. The Seo Today and our team believe in helping locals.

What We Do

The Seo Today is trying to make a change by helping individuals, local small businesses and non-profit organizations, and educating business owners about the current marketing strategy going to grow the businesses.

What We Are 

Please remember we are not a company we are a bunch of non-profit volunteers who don't work for money*

 *If anyone asks for money with our name directly say no.

Before we start working on any project we do a background check, to make sure you are not a company/freelancer who want us to do their work.   

The Seo Today is available online and on Social contact for free help.

Brand creation, trend analysis & business consulting

Contact us anytime we are happy to help you