Information Required to Create a Google My Business Profile

Why Create a New Google My Business (Google Business Profile) Listing?

Information Required to Create Google My Business ListingGoogle Business Profile formally called Google My Business / GMB is one of the best local search ranking factors. Having a Google Business Profile give you access to rank in local search and show your business on Google maps.

If you are a local business you must have a Google Business Listing. Learn what information is required to create a new Google business listing.

What Information is Required to Create a Google My Business (GMB) Listing? 

For a new Google business listing your font need a lot more information, Few important pieces of information will make your Google Business Listing complete and quickly and easily accessible to everyone who looking for it.

This is the general information that is required to create a Google Business Listing.

  • Business Name
  • Categories
  • Business Address / Service Area
  • Business Hours and Days
  • Website / Landing Page URL
  • Business Phone number
  • Description
  • Business Attributes  
  • Business Images / Videos 
Information Required to Create a New Google My Business

  • Business Name 

A business name is a name your business is known by for Google Business Listing you need a business name. if you have a registered business name you can also use that.

If you want to add your service to your business name you can add like - Mike Bike Repair Services 

  • Business Categories

For Google Business Listing, Category is one of the most important factors, you must use the correct business category to take full advantage of Google My Business. 

You can change your business Category anytime with Google Business Listing.

  • Business Address / Service Area 
    GMB Business Address and Service Area

According to Google -  
If your business either has a physical location that customers can visit, or travels to customers where they are, you can create a Business Profile on Google
You need a business location or service area for creating a Google Business Listing and also an address to verify Google My Business listing.

Service Area - if you have a service bases business (plumbing repair, mechanic) you can make a Google Listing with the service area mentioned in your Google Business Listing.

Note -
For any type of  Google My Business Listing you need to verify your listing before Google make it live for public. 

Business Hours and Days

  • Business Hours and Days

Your business hours are one of the most important. Why? If your business hours are listed on your My Google Business, users are more likely to trust your service.

It also helps the local users find your business working time to reach you at the correct time to access products and services offered by your business. 

  • Website / Landing Page URL

A landing page/website, increase your chances of more clicks from search when the user wants to know about your listing. You can also use Google Sites / Blogger or your Social Media page for your website. 

GMB Business Phone Number

  • Business Phone Number

If you have a business phone number that will allow users directly call your business it leads to better customer service and satisfaction. With a business phone number, you verify your Google My Business listing.

  • Business Description

Your business description is a key part of your Google listing. having a description is a quick overview of you what your company is what you do, what makes it unique or what its USP, products or services you offer.
A business description helps search engines learn about you and rank you for local queries. Read more on How to write a business description.

Business Attributes

  • Business Attributes

Business Attributes are now available only in Google Business Listing, it helps you show customers know details about your business. Also, your business attributes help your business stand out online. 

With business attributes, you can share the uniqueness of your business like Wi-Fi services, Outdoor Seating, LGBTQ Friendly and more about your business.

GMB Business Images Videos section

  • Business Images / Videos 

Having images in your business give your user a view of what your business looks like from the outside or inside. 

It also helps them find your business location if your location is miss match in Google Maps.


Having a Google My Business Listing is easy, and every business doesn't need all the information, some business only needs what they want to show to users and some need to show all the information to make a good relationship with the users.

The business information works like this, If you have a restaurant you must show users what your business looks like, what food you have how it looks and the cost.

For the same, a local grocery store doesn't need photos of the business, instead needs photos of products the user wants to buy from the store.

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