Make Your GMB Ready For Holidays Shoppers

Last year Google renamed Google My Business to Google Business Profile and before the holidays announce that we can now directly update our business info from Search and map started in U.S. and Canada.

With all the new features you can directly connect to your local customers from the search which gives you the advantage to manage business easily in holidays.

Add Or Claim Your Local Business on Google

If you have a local business you can add a claim and verify your business on Google using Google My Business it will help your local Shoppers and potential customers find you when searching for you or your services.

To find out if your business is already in Google type your business name in Google Search or search with your business contact information, and location.

If you already have one and want to update the info about the business in Google and verify your ownership then you can add and update your business on Google.

You can edit the Business Profile Name, Read Reviews and Read Messages from customers.
also, Add new and more Photos. Run advertise Add or Edit products, Edit Services find Bookings and more.

We can also help you create your business profile with the help of our partner business, fill out the form on our contact us page and we will send you what we can do to help you. 

With New Features of GMB Reach to More Customers

Google also add three new features last year into GMB to help business owners easily connect with customers and earn more profit from local search terms.

New features of GMB that you can use are.
  1. Show Your Local Inventor
  2. Promote Store Locations
  3. Track Calls you Receive from Google
  4. Quickly Respond to Customers

Show Your Local Inventor

With this feature, you can show local customers your product inventor and all the information about your products, when someone searches for the product your product will show up in Google.

For that, you need to add your product to Google Merchant Center or you can add the product to your GMB profile. 

With in stock feature from Google you the shoppers will find all the products that you have in stock that look like this in search.

Show Your Local Inventor

Promote Store Locations

Promote Store Locations

Promoting your business location when it's holiday time will be a pulse point for your business, with Google local ads you will be seen by many new shoppers in your local.

With Google local ads you get benefits like more store visits, and calls and help customers learn more about your business. With a direction option in Google ads, local customers can directly drive to your location using Google Maps.

The local ads are not only limited to maps your local campaigns work for all platforms of Google it will show your ads to maps, Google search, Product search, YouTube and Gmail all possible ways to help customers find you and your business.

Track Calls you Receive from Google

You can't be available for everyone at all times, Find what you miss with Google's this new feature, you can keep track of all the calls you receive from Google.

With the Google call history option, you can easily see when customer calls came from your Business Profile and review the call if you miss it.

Track Calls you Receive from Google
This will help you track all the calls and contact the customers if you miss any with a few steps.

Quickly Respond to Customers

Quickly Respond to Customers

In 2020 Google added a new way to connect with your customers called GMB messaging an easy way to chat with your local customers. To enable this feature you need to Turn on the Messaging in your GMB profile and the profile must be verified.

Now you can do it from the Google map app or directly from Google search, it helps your customer find more about your product and services and they can directly ask you if have any questions to you.

Now you can also add a welcome message and FAQ to your chat if you want to, it helps your customers understand your business better and help find the frequently asked questions.

What To Do Next

Holidays Shoppers are looking for the best products from the best places, and many love helping small and local businesses. 

If you have the best products and no one can find them that is not Good for you and your business to make sure you reach the right people you have to list your business product/service to Google, and GMB is the best and easy way to do it.

And Google My Business will help you after the holidays by proving you with more local customers who love your services and want more help from you.

For any more information, you can contact us on your social we will help you to get more customers this holiday.