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Resources To Learn SEO

Search Engine Optimization (
SEO) is growing every day, And many new people want to learn it but for that you must have a list of  Resources To Learn SEO.

If you don't have one chill we have made this one for you. 
To help you improve your SEO skills in 2022 with our list of resources to learn Search Engine Optimization. 

In this list of Resources to Learn SEO we will not have website like Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Roundtable. etc... website who provide you update and info about the SEO industry.

This list will focus on providing website who help you learn the SEO like MOZ, SEMrush... also we add few website who provide you free SEO courses.

Lets start our resource list for 2022. 

1. Google Search Central Blog

Google Search Central Blog

The Google Search Central Blog is a place where you can find official Google Search core algorithm updates, announcements of new Google Search features, and SEO best practices.

2. Google Search Quality Guidelines PDF

Google Search Quality Guidelines PDF

Google’s update of its Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines shows a shifted focus at the search engine, and consequently, on SEOs. Download the Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines 

3. Google Webmasters YouTube Channel

Google Webmasters YouTube Channel

Google Search Central YouTube channel (Google Webmasters) is where you can find information and tools to help you understand and improve your knowledge about Google Search and Webmaster.
If you love learning from YouTube Google Webmasters YouTube Channel is for you.

4. Moz Blog

Moz Blog
The Moz Blog is a search blog posted by experts who shared their research and ideas, Founded by Rand Fishkin and Gillian Muessig in 2004.

5. Ahrefs Blog

Ahrefs Blog

Ahrefs Blog helps you get better in SEO and marketing: By providing detailed SEO tutorials, SEO case studies, and opinions from the best marketing experts.

6. SEMrush Blog

Ahrefs Blog

SEMrush blog is an SEO, SEM, PPC, and Content Marketing blog an innovative resource for content strategy and content marketing. SEMrush also has a webinar

NEWS: Semrush Announces IPO (Initial Public Offering)

7. Yoast SEO Blog

Yoast SEO Blog
Yoast is best known for the popular and Free WordPress SEO plugin at the Yoast SEO blog, all experts share the insights of SEO that make your rankings go through the roof in Search.

8. Learning SEO

Learning SEO
Learning SEO – A Roadmap with Free Guides & Tools by Aleyda Solis. It's one of my personal places to learn.

9. Whitespark Blog

Whitespark Blog

Whitespark's Local Search Blog; Insights, Research & How To help you learn about Listing Local SEO, how-to's, small business marketing insights, I love the Google Local Business Guide by Whitespark team.

10. Webmaster World


Founded in 1998 Webmaster World is a discussion and news forum website, This website help you find and fix real life problems. As a SEO, Webmaster World help you connect with other SEO's from your and different industry. 

11. Search Engine Roundtable 

Search Engine Roundtable

Founded by Barry Schwartz, Search Engine Roundtable one of the well known and popular search blog that post about all topics related to Search and Marketing and SEO. If you are new in SEO you must know his name.

Barry Schwartz also write for Search Engine Land and Search Engine Journal top publication in Search you must follow.  

Read: Blogs by Barry Schwartz on Search Engine Land

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