Google Search Quality Raters Guidelines PDF Updated 2023

Google Search Quality Rater Guidelines PDF

Google keep working on to improve the Search experience for us, With the new evolved and improved search Google make sure to provide us the best search result.

One of the ways that Google use to find the experience of user is by getting feedback from third-party Search Quality Raters.

Google conform many time that they use real people who are experience from around the world who help provide a good feed back to Google to to make sure the content on the web is safe and help full for the users.

Who Can Use This Guide ? 

As a webmaster we you can use this guide to find and make your web-page better than ever, this will help make your web-page more help full for the your target audience. that can lead to a great authority and trust in users who read your content.

Download the Google Search Quality Guideline PDF 

Quality Raters Guidelines PDF December 2022

Quality Raters Guidelines PDF December 2022

Google keep updating quality raters guidelines every year to help user people learn how search work, this year Google add few new things mention below.   

  • Google broadly refreshed concepts and rating criteria in for the document.
  • Page Quality Guideline will be more explicitly applicable to all types of websites and content creation models.
  •  Google Clarified guidance on  Finding Who is Responsible for the Website and Who Created the Content on the Page
  •  Add summary table with the top Page Quality Considerations involved in Page Quality rating (Lowest to Highest)
  •  Refined/expanded guidance on the following core pillars of Page Quality Rating:
  •  ○ Main Content Quality
  •  ○ Reputation for Websites and Content Creators 
  •  ○ Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trust (E-E-A-T)
  • Reordered Page Quality rating sections from Lowest to Highest. 
  • Added more guidance and clarifications to sections, for pages with error messages or No MC Forums and Q&A Pages  and  Page Quality Rating FAQs.
  • Revise lists of concepts & examples, fix typos and removed outdated examples. 

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