Free Local SEO Chrome Extensions

Local SEO Chrome Extensions are tools that you can add to your Chrome browser to help your website show up better in local search results.

These extensions can be found on the Google Web Store and can help you with things like finding the right keywords, checking your website's performance, and seeing what your competitors are doing.

How Local SEO Chrome Can Help A Business ?

The local SEO Chrome Extension can do the following things to your

Improve Website Visibility - 
Local SEO Chrome extensions can help a local business to improve their website's visibility in local search results. This means that when people search for businesses like yours in your area, your website will be more likely to show up at the top of the results.

Target Specific Keywords - These extensions can help you to find the best keywords to target for your local business. This can help you to optimise your website's content for search engines and attract more customers.

Analyse Competitors - Local SEO Chrome extensions can give you insights into what your competitors are doing, which can help you to stay ahead of the game. These extensions can help you to monitor your competitors' rankings, keywords, and other data, which can help you to make better decisions about your own local SEO efforts.

To make your local SEO process easy we bring you Local SEO chrome extensions you must use as a marketer.

Local SEO Chrome extensions That you can use on Google Chrome Browser.

  • PlePer Local SEO Chrome Extension
  • GMB Crush Chrome Extension
  • GMBspy Chrome Extension
  • GMB Everywhere Chrome Extension

PlePer Local SEO Chrome Extension

PlePer Local SEO Chrome Extension

PlePer Local SEO Tool Extension is the Number 1 Local SEO Chrome Extension

This one is on the top because this extension gives you detailed information for every GMB listing that you need. in Google Maps this extension will provide you with all results about the business category, business attributes analysis, business hours and review earned all at one click.

At the same time, you also can use the export function to get all information with one click in different formats like TXT, JSON, CSV, and Excel.

This tool will help you get all the info about a single listing or multiple listings you want.

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Feature of  PlePer Local Extension

Business Category Analysis 
Business Attributes Analysis
Business Hours Analysis
Business Review Analysis
Information Export Function

PlePer Local SEO Tools Chrome Extension

PlePer Local SEO Tools Website

Video Explanation of  How to use PlePer Local SEO Chrome Extension.

Is PlePer Local SEO Tool Extension Worth Using?

Yes, With all the functions that this extension provides us you must use this for all your local SEO work, it will be a great tool for those who want to use this for local listing audits.

GMB Crush Chrome Extension

GMB Crush Chrome Extension

GMB Crush is another Local SEO Extension that helps you reverse engineer your Google My Business competitors within a couple of clicks. With the extension, you can only select the business competitor info rest will be done from the website.

Feature of GMB Crush Extension 

  • Free Local Ranking Tracker
  • Find the Google Maps location’s CID number
  • Audit competitor GMB 

This extension will help you grow and evolve with all info about your competitor to help you rank up and generate more leads from Local listings.

GMB Crush Chrome Extension

Website For GMB Crush Chrome Extension 

How to use GMB Crush Chrome Extension Video.

GMBspy Chrome Extension

GMBspy Chrome Extension

GMBspy extension is the one you must be seen on popular websites like MOZ, and SEMrush. 
This is a simple extension to help find your competitor's Categories in Google Maps or local searches with a few clicks.

Feature of GMBspy Chrome Extension

View GMB Categories for a Single Listing 
View Categories of Top 20 Google Results

Read GMBspy Instructions to use the GMBspy Chrome Extension.

How to use GMBspy Chrome Extension Video explanation.

GMB Everywhere Chrome Extension

GMB Everywhere Chrome Extension

GMB Everywhere also works like GMBspy. GMB Everywhere extension lets you view Google My Business categories on Google Maps.  

But you also get some more features, that you can use to show your GMB like the top result and earn more leads from the local pack.

Feature of GMB Everywhere Extension 

  • Highlight category (primary category) 
  • Basic GMB Audit
  • GMB Review Audit
  • Grid Search or Teleport (Upcoming Update)

Get GMB Everywhere Extension For Chrome

Visit GMB Everywhere Website

Video for How to Use GMB Everywhere Extension.

Many great chrome browser extensions add a lot more functionality to your browser without even making an account, using extensions to make your local SEO easy will be the best choice to save time and effort with this list of local SEO chrome extensions.

There are many new extensions made with great people posted on social and website if we miss any extension that you use for local SEO contact us, or drop it in the comment section.