How to Add Extensions to Chrome from ZIP File

Add Extension to Chrome from ZIP File

Many times Chrome Web Store block your favourite extension
 (for me it was PlePer Local SEO Tools Chrome Extension), and you cant add it to your browser, but still, there is a way to add them if you have the ZIP file of the extension.

Warning - Please Check The Extention File Carefully Before Use It

Steps to add Extensions to Chrome using the ZIP file.

  • Visit chrome://extensions 

Open your Chrome search bar and add 

Once you visit the extensions tab you will see all the Extensions that you have added to your browser. 

It looks like this on your laptop.

Visit chrome://extensions

  • Enable the Developer Mode

You have to Enable the Developer mode in the top right of your extensions window. The Developer mode option gives you root access to your Chrome browser so you can advance tests on your browser.

Chrome Web Store Developer Mode

  • Click on Load Unpacked Button

On you are on the Chrome extensions window, you can see the Load Load Unpacked Button to the lift, Click it to add the file.

Chrome Web Store Load Unpacked Button

  • Select the Extension Folder

Once you click on the load unpacked button File Explorer window will open to select the extension folder. Make sure your zip file is extracted with all the important files that need to run the extension.

Select the Extension Folder

Once you select the folder the extension will be added to your chrome browser with all the functionality if something is not working check your ZIP file data.

If your files are good but still the chrome extension is not working try updating the extension from the developer mode. it will be on the life side of your window.

You can also use the same for testing your own Chrome E
xtensions and also use any extension that is not available in Google Chrome Web Store.

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