Hamed Gohar's 115th Birthday Doodle

November 15, 2022 - Google celebrates the 115th birthday of Professor Hamed Gohar with Doodle Today.

Who is Hamed Gohar?

Hamed Gohar full name Hamed Abdel Fattah Goher is a renowned Egyptian scientist, marine biologist and TV host who hosted "Sea World" an educational show for 18 long years.

Prof. Hamed Gohar is considered the founding father of oceanography in Egypt and the Arab world

More About Professor Hamed Gohar

On this day in 1907, Gohar bord in Cairo, Egypt, Studied medicine at Cairo University in 1925. Then pursue biology and received his master’s degree in oceanography from Cambridge University in 1931. Due to his love for sea creatures, he never married and dedicated his life to the sea.

Hamed Gohar Sea World TV Shoe

An entire generation of Arabs knows Professor Gohar from his popular TV show “Sea World”.

Professor Gohar highlighted underwater scenery and natural sea life and provide knowledge about marine biology to Arabs with inspiration for over 18 years.

We remembered Hamed Gohar today for his distinct voice and unending love for the ocean.

Happy 115th birthday, Hamed Gohar!

Source -  Google Doodle

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