On October 12, Google updated its documentation to confirm that Google now Support Image Credits metadata in Structured Data.

Before this, we could only add image credits information with IPTC photo metadata.

Google Added Support For Image Credits Structured Data

Why Add Image Metadata?

Image metadata helps Google learn more about your images, like what the image is about, whether people can use your image for free or whether they have to buy a license. 

Also, it gives them easy and quick navigation from the image search to the page where they have all info about the images,

 Like how to get this image, license details and credit info so that people can see and use the images.


If you have a website that provides Copyright Free Image must use the license for all the images it will give your image a Licensable badge that shows up in searches like this.

For more you can start with Our Guide to Learn Schema

What is a Licensable Image Badge? 

It highlights a badge in Google images that help you find licensable images from search without visiting the website that hosts the image.

How the Licensable Image Badge Look Like? 

The Google Licensable badge looks like this.

Google Licensable Badge

With the image creator schema, you can add the Person or Organisation name who create the image. Google also provide structured data for Single and Multiple images on your page.

Can We Remove Image Metadata?

Removing metadata may be illegal in some places because it contains image copyright and licensing information, you can ask the image creator if you want to remove the metadata.